Fall/Winter Bridal Hair

I had the most wonderful time getting my hair done by Kelli, who is the owner of K. Salon. I’ve never met someone who could so easily handle and manipulate my hair, all while using such a gentle touch. She’s incredibly talented and put together this intricate look within an hour!! That’s usually how long it takes me just to curl my hair…. This look is so perfect for a wedding this time of year, or even a school dance. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people came up to me, complimenting my hair.

Most people in my life know that I’m obsessed with all things Disney. So, when I saw that my hair had been turned into a beautiful cascade of curls and flowers, I felt like breaking out into song and befriending a whole bunch of woodland creatures. Unfortunately, the rabbits and squirrels didn’t come to my aid and I still can’t sing to save my life, but my hair looked amazing. That’s the magic of Disney Kelli.

I’ve known Kelli since our basketball playing, school days. Back when we were still wearing glittery chapstick, and chunky highlights were all the rage. Thankfully we’ve grown to have better taste in beauty trends and know a thing or two about style.  Nowadays, she’s running her own salon, whipping out hairstyles that would make Rapunzel jealous and basically kicking ass. If you are in the Grand Rapids, MI area, do yourself a favor and check out K Salon. You can find even more dreamy hairstyles and photos over on her instagram page so be sure to check her out and follow her!

I can promise you that this won’t be the last time you see Kelli’s work on my page and I cannot wait to show you guys what she does to my hair next!



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